Rose-Marie, often called Flower, try a repeating reputation of Vampire Diaries
Rose-Marie, often called Flower, try a repeating reputation of Vampire Diaries

Flower was a great vampire plus the companion out-of fellow vampire Trevor. Whenever Katerina Petrova is while on the move off Niklaus Mikaelson, Trevor assisted the girl stay away from and you will delivered this lady so you're able to Flower to get assist. During the hide out, Katherine cheated Rose toward serving this lady vampire bloodstream then murdered by herself to turn to your a good vampire also. Klaus pursued Rose, Trevor, and you can Katherine to have 500 age for their roles during the presumably finish the new Petrova bloodline and you may ruining their chance during the cracking his curse. Whenever Rose and you can Trevor read of life away from a 3rd doppelganger, Elena Gilbert, it kidnapped the students woman assured from buying and selling their to possess its versatility. not, whenever you are Klaus' sibling and you will cohort, Elijah, pardoned Rose on her behalf part in helping Katherine's escape on account of their commitment into the lady buddy, the guy murdered Trevor for betraying his respect to him and you can Klaus. Rose next fled immediately after Elijah are guess and you can purportedly killed because of the Damon Salvatore.

She afterwards inserted pushes to the Salvatore brothers to help you overcome Klaus together with a brief intimate reference to Damon in the process. She are bitten by the Jules, a good werewolf, and you can try sooner or later compassion-killed and gamble by Damon, exactly who cared throughout the the woman and you can planned to end the lady suffering.

This lady ghost decided to go to Jeremy in the seasons three when he, Elena, and you can Damon was in fact trying to learn which Original vampire sired their bloodline. Flower revealed she was became by the Mary Porter.


Flower grew up in 1450 inside the St. Austell, England. She try later turned in 1472 by Mary Porter. In the 1492, this lady buddy Trevor delivered Katerina Petrova on the cottage where it was staying to hide regarding Niklaus Mikaelson. Flower is frustrated when she read Katerina had escaped out-of Klaus on the moonstone and you will dreaded retaliation out of Klaus when he learned of exactly what she got done. She locked Katerina for the a bedroom which have purposes of going back their so you're able to Klaus after sundown. Katerina, eager to avoid being forfeited to split Klaus' hybrid curse, stabbed herself in the gut and involved so you can pass away. Flower, reluctant to deal with Klaus' wrath if he learned Katerina had passed away on her view, fed the girl the lady vampire bloodstream in order to repair the girl, maybe not understanding that it was a key to the Katerina's area to score Rose to give her what she necessary to endure.

Whenever Flower happen to remaining Katerina by yourself to talk truly which have Trevor on what they necessary to perform, Katerina installed by herself, and since she had Rose's blood in her own system, she upcoming awoke while the a great vampire during the changeover. She done the latest change from the serving for the peoples proprietor from new cottage just after Rose eventually staked her beste Insassen-Dating-Apps while trying to kill Katerina. Rose is actually enraged in the the girl because of it betrayal, while the presently there are no people to keep undesirable vampires of the underworld out of one's cottage, and you will Katerina's blood try now no further practical for the routine to split Klaus' curse. Flower angrily stated that Katerina got closed all their death phrases on account of the woman procedures, however, Katerina replied, "Better your pass away than simply I," and you will escaped before Flower and you may Trevor you are going to hook the woman. Rose and you can Trevor, comprehending that Klaus will be aside for their bloodstream inside discipline to own affect assisting inside Katerina's avoid, and you will continued the fresh work on afterwards to full cover up out of Klaus and you will other Original vampires of the underworld.

Throughout the Vampire Diaries Collection

In 2010, Rose and you will Trevor receive the presence of various other peoples Petrova doppelganger and you will decided to kidnap the lady and trade the lady lifestyle due to their freedom. After they got Elena inside, she went in the with the Trevor making an application for a flavor away from blood of Elena, however, she averted your. When you find yourself Flower and you may Trevor had been talking, Elena overheard its dialogue and you can questioned which Elijah try. She spotted concern in their mind at the thought out of his arrival. As he showed up, Elijah protected the lady he contains the ability to forgive her or him. She believed that they might become totally free after 50 % of a 100 years from powering because of their lifestyle. Although not, Elijah, regardless if he had the advantage to accomplish this, murdered Trevor to possess their treason against her or him. Also however, Elijah gave Flower the brand new versatility she need, pointing out the truth that he might esteem one to she helped Trevor because of this lady respect towards the your. Stefan and Damon upcoming bankrupt inside the, while they were looking for Elena. Damon gamble Elijah with a jacket rack and they escaped. Flower after went to the brand new Salvatore Boarding Family and you will told Stefan you to he would you desire her help because the rest of the Originals will be coming for Elena once they discovered from the girl lives. She stated that they would do it to own Klaus, as he would want to compromise Elena to split a curse.

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